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Egypt has a tradition of health and healing that dates back thousands of years. The great authors of Antiquity wrote with
passion of Cleopatra’s extraordinary beauty – she who mesmerised the most powerful men of her era.
One of history’s most famous adepts in the cult of Beauty, the queen bathed regularly in asses’ milk strewn with fresh rose
The growing popularity of health therapies with holidaying tourists, the ready availability of skilled specialists and the
growing number of luxurious hotel resorts have all conspired to transform Egypt into one of the world’s most popular
destinations for visitors in search of relaxation and recuperation.
Over the past few years, specialist therapy centres have sprung up across the country, catering to overworked travellers
who just want to get away from it all. Now you can pamper yourself anywhere in the country – you too can take a
“Cleopatra” bath before plunging into the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea. Now you can visit the mythic city of
Alexandria on the sun-kissed coastline of the Mediterranean and savour the gentlest of exfoliations while gazing out across
beaches of the finest white sand. Uncover the secret beauty treatments of the Bedouin as you visit their encampments in
the middle of the Sinai desert. Or rid yourself of the last vestiges of stress in the lushly languorous surroundings of Dakhla
Oasis after crossing the ethereal landscapes of the White Desert. The more adventurous can try papyrus-wrap treatments
in the stunning settings of Luxor or Aswan on the banks of the Nile. And every visitor to Cairo is sure to enjoy a true
Pharaoh’s massage in the shadow of the Great Pyramidof Cheops.
You will find that taking part in the aesthetic rituals of Egypt is a profoundly satisfying way of uncovering the country’s true
soul – because everything around you is impregnated with ancestral philosophy and traditional culture.
Your wishes are instantly translated into our commands! The therapists working in our spa resorts are highly qualified,
professional, attentive and focused on your serenity. As a result, they are famed throughout the world for their ability to
raise your physical and spiritual health to hitherto unattained levels of wellbeing, by subtly reawakening every one of your
senses. Traditional, yet attuned to the very latest technology, we have turned the science of relaxation into an art, ready to
transport you on a sensual, visual and spiritual voyage of self-discovery.
Relax in the tranquil pleasures of an Egyptian spa resort – truly the closest thing to paradise on earth…
Join us and discover the spa resort of your dreams!

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